Champion Boxer, Social Activist, and Dedicated Muslim: Happy Birthday Amir Khan

Sara Haneef December 8, 2011 2 Comments
Champion Boxer, Social Activist, and Dedicated Muslim: Happy Birthday Amir Khan

Today, December 8, marks the 25th birthday of Amir Khan, a professional British boxer of Pakistani ethnicity who is currently  the unified WBA (World Boxing Association) and IBF (International Boxing Federation) light welterweight champion. His name rings of particular importance these days in the metro region, as his latest fight is set for this Saturday afternoon at the Washington Convention Center.

Khan is referred to by many nicknames, including “King Khan”. Recently, Men’s Fitness titled him “the most interesting champ in the world”. Perhaps what makes Khan’s fight appealing, even among those that are not of the Muslim faith or Pakistani descent, is that he has agreed to the opponent Lamont Peterson, whose hometown and overwhelming support is within the D.C. region. Indeed, this fact and potential source of discomfort for Amir Khan is noticed by all, even his world-renowned trainer, Freddie Roach. In an interview with the Washington Post, Roach stated it is the “sign of a true champion” to fight in the hometown of an opponent.

Khan has certainly grabbed international press attention with constant coverage spreading from top news publications. Despite the overwhelming attention his boxing career has drawn, Khan is not short in his attention to social good. In fact, numerous news agencies, including the Express Tribune, have cited that the boxer could very well be an ambassador. With his successful public career, as well as strong personal identity as a Pakistani-born British citizen, Khan holds the perfect mesh of traits to work on agendas such as combating anti-Muslim prejudices. In the past, the boxer has been known to give impressive donations to charities, such as helping to donate $125,000 for “Islam Help” this past September. The charity helps to bring basic necessities to drought stricken areas in East Africa.

Amir Khan (2nd from left) – on Hajj with his family

Khan’s dedication to striving for social good is not limited to only the public field. Amidst international hype over his upcoming fight, the boxer took the time out to tend to religious duties. He completed Hajj successfully this year. Many of his fans were updated on his daily experiences while on Hajj through his Twitter (@AmirKingKhan), which has well over 355,000 followers. The boxer posted images he took while on Hajj, as well as humorous remarks on his freshly shaved head. At times on his pilgrimage, the boxer showed a more thoughtful side, tweeting “‘Life is a circle, There is no beginning or end, Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift. AK’”

There are plenty of fans hopeful that Amir Khan will deliver the pleasant gift of victory on Saturday.

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